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    CZ 557 Anniversary Edition

    CZ 557 85th Anniversary Edition

    .30-06 Springfield. SKU#: 5574-3801-2100007..308Win. SKU#: 5574-5301-2100009. The CZ 557 85th Anniversary bolt action rifle features a gold-colored bolt body, bolt knob, safety lever, trigger and magazine floorplate. This rifle will be available chambered in .308 Winchester or .30-06 Springfield. The magazine capacity for both caliber options is five rounds and both have 20.5″ (520mm) forged […]

    CZ 600 Series Shipment Inbound

    After a long delay due to the ongoing world situation with raw material shortages, shipping complications, etc, we have finally begin to receive the highly anticipated CZ 600 series centerfire rifles. The following shipment have left CZ’s warehouse and are on the way to us. 600 Alpha .223Rem600 Alpha 6.5 Creedmoor600 Alpha 8mm Mauser600 Alpha […]